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Gorgeous Weather, Cloudy Thoughts

Everyone kept telling me that Bellingham summers are the best. Now I know why... today is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Got back last week from Hawaii, where we spent a week traveling around the big island. Highlights included snorkeling, visiting the observatories on Mauna Kea and standing on the summit of the tallest volcano in the world (the sky at night there is simply unbelievable), seeing ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs and walking one of the oldest footpaths in the islands, and hiking into the Kilauea Iki crater. Plus, I learned how to Stand up Paddleboard. It was an amazing trip, but I'm very happy to be back. Due to my sun paranoia, I look about the same as when I left. :P

This is one of those days where I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by my repertoire list for this next year (Prokofiev Concerto, Beethoven 10th violin sonata, Bach Sonata no 2, Carmen Fantasy, and Introduction and Tarantella by Sarasate) and my self-imposed deadlines for the sshg_exchange. I want to be halfway finished by the time the mods come calling in a week or so, and I felt on track until today. Everything seems to be dialogue-centered, and I cannot let every scene be dictated by the conversations... it will turn out twice as long!!!

Everything will turn out right. I hope. But until then, I have to just get going.


One of my characters just asked Snape a question he doesn't know the answer to. Which means I don't know the answer to it yet. And presto! My exchange story has stalled.


However, ofankoma is recovering, for which I give thanks. Also, my new PT is fabulous--the best thing health-wise that has happened to me in five years--and I am super hopeful that I'll finally be able to be a real music student. The blessings keep flowing even if the creative juices don't.

Crossing my fingers that Severus will figure out his answer soon. I want to keep writing!!!

Bad Habits Resurface

a) brainstorming/writing at night. I need to stop doing this, get to bed earlier, and get some actual practicing and writing done in the morning.
b) I know/have outlined most of the significant events but am fretting over the smaller but still important details. Why couldn't my Muse give me a story that isn't a series of small snapshots???????????
c) worrying, in general
4) starting to switch my letters and numbers
e) putting off practicing/writing because of said worrying, body tightening up (it really needs to stop)
f) working on my bed instead of the desk

Grumble, grumble. However, I did start working on Carmen Fantasy, finished the Hobbit (even better than I remember from elementary school), and bought an electric violin!!!!!!!!!! It is bright blue... I am so excited to take it with me on trips! Hoping the airline won't get uptight about bringing an instrument on board now that there is a federal law and such. :)


Odds and Ends

We finally have gorgeous weather on the first day of summer!!!

I'm finally close to being over my virus, although I'm still using tissues frequently. It was nice to be sick at home rather than at the apartment by myself, but I'm supposed to head back there on Sunday--time always moves too quickly on vacation. Speaking of vacation, my parents are currently booking a condo in Hawaii!!!!!!!!! We've never been before and I have never felt a pressing urge to visit (same with Disneyland), but hiking, snorkeling, and visiting the volcano/observatory on top of the mountain sound super exciting. Of course, I'm trying to figure out how I can bring a violin and my exchange fic on the trip and make substantial progress in both... Ebay has a bunch of cheap violins which might be perfect to sacrifice to Hawaii's humidity.

My list of goals musically this summer is a little insane, perhaps: Prokofiev Concerto no 1, 1st mvt; Bach Sonata no 2, 1st mvt; Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy, 3rd mvt, and Introduction and Tarantella; and Beethoven Sonata no 10, 1st mvt. I'm starting rep for my junior recital and concerto competition entry and am hoping that I'll be physically able to do everything by the start of school. I saw this amazing PT last Friday--apparently my whole body has been sheering and twisting to the left while I play and has messed up my entire system--who not only is working to realign and release the muscles but will also evaluate all my past exercises to determine the best routine I can use to keep my body healthy. It's a huge chunk of change, but I'm so hopeful that things will finally move forward.

The Exchange fic is finally coming to life after delay due to illness (couldn't think until Saturday) and an extremely slow start. I am just a slow writer--every sentence needs to be exactly right before I move on. However, I'm really excited about the story--I just need to get into a groove.

Mun42's post prompted me to take this quiz. I'm pleasantly surprised by the outcome:

Your results:
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Home Sick

I made it through finals week only to come for two weeks and end up on the couch feeling poorly. At least L and I had an enjoyable time on Whidbey at the fort picnicking and flying kites before the sore throat and fever caught up with me. However, enforced rest means more sleep, books, soccer games, and working on the exchange fic, so it isn't too horrible a position.

The exchange fic is giving me some problems. I think the plot is fine, but third-person POV is proving difficult. While I usually prefer to write in first-person POV, this story is much better served in third-person. I can't tell if the two pages I wrote before the fever set in are boring because I'm not used to 3rd-person, was tired and feverish while reading over it and shouldn't be trusted to make unbiased judgements, or if I just don't know how to use exciting language in 3rd pov. Any suggestions?

I think I need to go lie down again... stupid sickness!
It is not uncommon for an exceptional book to steal me away from my duties until the last page is finished. It is rare for a book to move me near to tears, not from any tragic ending, but from sheer exquisiteness of language, plot, and vitality that can only be life captured on 389 pages.

Yes, I read it in under 24 hours (pushing aside most of my to-do list), but it was absolutely breathtaking and nearly impossible to put down. What a wonderful way to start off my summer reading!

All Hail Summer!!!

Two essays, a three-and-a-half-hour multivariable calculus final, and an upper-division jury later, my third year of college is complete. Three years? Three years? I was so relieved to be done with this stress-inducing quarter that I didn't even realize I was over the half-way mark of my undergraduate career. I won't be graduating for another year and a half, but still, it's somewhat sobering.

Hooray for summer and denial!!! Euro 2012 has literally just started... this game between Poland and Greece (currently hiding behind this browser) is such a dramatic start to the tournament! Two reds, the Polish sub keeper saving a PK for his first play of the game... I love soccer!!!

There is plenty to keep me busy--new music to practice, an Exchange fic to write (I absolutely LOVE my prompts and have started outlining a story I'm really excited about), another job to find alongside teaching violin, and more soccer, obviously--it is good to be on break.

2012 SSHG_Exchange Likes/Dislikes

Ofankoma's post reminded me I need to put my own recommendations up.

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I don't usually like to look ahead to December as the year seems to go by fast enough itself, but I am so excited for the Exchange and to see your work. I hope the prompts are interesting and varied enough. Feel free to modify them as necessary. I only have two requests for my gift... First, I just hope you create something you love! By extension, I will too. Secondly, as there have been so many stories and artwork created for the fandom, I really would love to see/read something that hasn't been covered before and always love new insights into our favorite characters.

Most of what I would not like to receive I mentioned in my sign-up post, but here are some things I really would not like to see:

Art-wise: I don't know much about art, but would not like to receive anything depicting nudity, sex, or violence. I recognize that it takes great talent to create photo-manipulated pieces, but I'm not a huge fan of the medium.

Writing-wise: I wouldn't want to receive stories involving horror/dark, explicit violence, on-screen sex (I don't mind knowing that they are intended for the bedroom and/or later see them wake up in bed), crude humor, excessive vulgar language, underage relationships, Ron!bashing, male pregnancy, or OOC behavior. Also, as a Lutheran, I would like to see any religious debate sensitively and thoughtfully handled. I like epigraphs but refuse to read song-fics and find time-turners to be an overused plot device (however, there are always exceptions). I don't like cheesy wedding proposals/wedding descriptions either and think the concept of soul mates has been used too often or as an easy way out of validating a relationship. Canon-compliant stories (at least through part of Deathly Hallows) are preferred as well as drawing from the canon personalities/descriptions. I don't mind if stories are EWE or compliant.

I hope these are not too restrictive and that you have a wonderful time creating this summer!!! Best wishes, Pieredae

"I miss Stealthy"

Considering the wild ride that was the Once Upon a Time season finale last Sunday, it is somewhat appropriate to think about the seven dwarfs. I, for one, am definitely feeling like Happy or Sleepy right now. The roommies and I got back awhile ago from celebrating A's 21st birthday in town. Dinner was at a pizza joint that unfortunately makes their pizza crust with butter, but then we went to the Honeymoon, which sells their own mead, cider, and wine. I really liked their sangria, which featured some of their own mead and wine. We all felt very grown up on our night about town, but it is so nice to come home, crash on the bed, and read Rumbelle fanfiction. Wait, did I say fanfiction? I meant to say my history textbook...

Thank goodness it's Friday. I'm only just starting to catch up on sleep after Wednesday's music history midterm and there is so much still to do: finish the research and actually write that paper on Stravinsky that I've avoided for the past week, practice for the upcoming jury, and try not to put off all the math homework and studying required for next week. Finals might be three weeks away, but they are only three weeks away!!!! Add on the stress of trying to find a job and secure an apartment for next year, and I wish I could just sleep all my problems away and wake up for summer vacation.

I'm looking forward to seeing Rent this weekend and watching the final Sherlock episode, so hopefully they will feel like actual breaks rather than hindrances.

Anyone out there?

I hope anyone interested in another SSHG_Exchange will participate in the poll! It was how I met all you lovely people, and I'm crossing my fingers for this year/already have my prompts picked out.

Originally posted by sshg_mod at Anyone out there?
It's time to take stock of the fandom's interest in another round of the sshg_exchange. The last round was a great success, but the mods would prefer that the Exchange bow out gracefully than to watch it fade away due to lack of interest. Therefore, we have one question for you:

Poll #1836692 2012 Exchange Poll
This poll is closed.

If there is another round of the SSHG_Exchange, will you participate?

Yes. I will definitely participate.
Eh. I might participate, but I won't commit myself now.
No. I will not participate beyond reading and reviewing.
Are you kidding? I've moved on to another fandom, and I'm not sure why this comm is still on my flist.